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Most common breast implants myths answered

1. All breast augmentations look fake.

Not true. If the implant chosen by you and your surgeon fits your body and tissues, the breast augmentation should provide you a nice natural appearing result.
You and your surgeon need to have an active communication, in which you would have to explain as much as possible (even with pictures) your desired look, and your surgeon would need to measure, consider your height, frame, tissue in order to recommend you with a breast implant size that will give you a natural semblance. In the other hand, there are some women who don’t necessarily want to acquire real appearance but for the ones of you, who are looking to obtain it, let me tell you it’s possible. Not forget to mention your surgeon selection is quite important. Don’t be afraid to ask about his/her experience and even diplomas.

2. You cannot breastfeed with breast implants.

Not true. Implants are positioned either beneath the pectoralis major muscle or the beneath the breast gland. In neither of the placements will damage the milk production gland nor the milk ducts. So you have nothing to be afraid.

3. Implants should be replaced after 5 years.

Not true. As a general rule, implants should be replaced after 10 years. However, the majority of surgeons indicate implants should only be replaced or removed when there’s a problem involved. Otherwise, is not necessary to exchange them. You should consider most women live their entire live with their original implants and never require additional surgery.

4. Breast implants cause cancer.

Not true. Up to date, there is no official information that supports breast implants could cause cancer; and no association has been ever found between gel implants and cancer.

Breast with implants always feel unnaturally firm.

Not true. Most breast implants are designed to get the feeling of a natural breast, and in fact only in cases were there is encapsulation this hard feeling will occur. Also, you can even obtain a more natural breast tact depending on the implant type you select. Consider the latest technology of ergonomic breast implants in which it can give you the most natural appearance ever.

Don’t forget to ask your surgeon all the different options for breast implants!tact your doctor whenever you have doubts.

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