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What you should know about Breast Augmentation

History of breast implants:
Initially, breast implant shells were particularly “thin” to approximate a more natural feel, but their durability was limited. Early implants were also traditionally under filled which could result in more frequent implant rupture.
Aggressive implant texturing was developed to maximize implant positioning, and address a painful hardening of the implant that sometimes occurred requiring revision surgery, Called Capsular Contracture. However, aggressive texturization has been associated with seroma and double capsule formation, highly undesirable adverse events.
A variety of implant fill materials were also developed, including saline implants. Saline was an alternative to silicone, but lacked the most natural feel, could leak, and could produce unsightly “wrinkling and rippling” on breasts.

General information of what is best for you!

  • When selecting the right breast implant for you, breast sizing is essential in achieving the desired breast aesthetic outcome. Accurate measurement of the baseline breast size is a basic starting point in selecting the right implant volume or cup size that will best suit you.
  • Another important consideration for your satisfaction is an open dialog regarding the desired cleavage.
    There may also be discussion about desired “upper breast fullness” or the way your beasts will look in certain clothing or swimwear. Breast symmetry, as well as various nipple considerations may also be discussed.
  • While this information, intends to be a useful tool for you and your surgeon, you must understand that precise breast aesthetic decisions are finally determined only by your surgeon. The surgeon is trained to not only understand the wishes of the patients, but to manage the particular biological body factors that will determine your specific breast aesthetic result.